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Afriwon Pre-Conference on Emergency Medicine at the 8th WONCA Africa Regional Conference

Afriwon Renaissance, under the aegis of WONCA Africa and in concert with the Special Interest Group for Emergency Medicine, is excited to invite young and future general practitioners/family physicians to a transformative one-day pre-conference focused on Emergency Medicine. (Young doctors refer to those within 5 years after postgraduate training in general practice of Family Medicine).


This event is designed to empower young family doctors and trainees with essential skills and knowledge in emergency medical care, enhancing their ability to provide swift and efficient response in urgent care situations. Scheduled for June 5th, 2024, from 9 am to 3 pm, the pre-conference will precede the 8th WONCA Africa Region Conference in Nairobi. It will feature intensive workshops on Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS), ECG interpretation, and Mass Casualty Incident Management, led by experts in the field. Join us for this dynamic session to sharpen your emergency medicine skills, network with peers, and gain invaluable insights from seasoned practitioners. Together, we aim to improve urgent care delivery and patient outcomes across the Africa Region. The pre-conference will feature three intensive workshops designed to cover essential aspects of emergency medicine that are pivotal for young family doctors:

Workshop Sessions

1. Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) ECHO Modules: This workshop will provide hands-on training in the use of point-of-care ultrasound, focusing on echocardiography modules to aid in the rapid assessment and diagnosis of patients.

2. ECG: Most Threatening Rhythms for the Family Doctor: Participants will learn to identify and manage the most life-threatening cardiac rhythms, with practical sessions on ECG interpretation and emergency interventions.

3. Mass Casualty Incident Management: This session aims to prepare doctors for mass casualty incidents, focusing on triage, emergency response coordination, and effective management strategies to optimise patient outcomes in disaster scenarios.

Afriwon Family Medicine and Primary Health Care Observership/Field Visits

Kenya has undertaken various policy and system re-orientation and implementation to scale up Family Medicine and Primary Health Care. This observership is an opportunity to learn about the Primary Health Care Networks Family Medicine Training and Practice in both the private and public sectors in Kenya.